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How to sign up without Facebook?

Currently there isn’t an option to sign up without facebook. We are constantly exploring new secure ways for creating accounts

Why do we ask for student email-ID?

Student email ID’s are solely used for verification purposes. It helps verify an individual’s status as a student.

Can I change my profile picture or name?

Your profile picture and name will always be the same as the one you have on Facebook. This is done to keep the community authentic and secure. We might be able to make exceptions for certain rare cases.

Why is my account deactivated?

An account will usually be suspended due to a violation of our terms and/or privacy policy. In addition, it may also be deactivated due to user submitted reports which are reviewed by our team.

Can I message friends in the app?

Caper doesn’t have an option to add friends. The primary way to message someone on the app is by coming across their profile through 1 or more of these ways and requesting them for chat:

  • User is hosting an event
  • User has made a social post or commented on one
  • User is visible in “find a group”

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